Events & News - 20 September 2011
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  Equity market structure: fragmentation, dark pools, and other issues for investors
Milan, 5 October - Centrobanca - 6:15 pm

ICFAS is pleased to welcome Rhodri Preece, CFA, director of capital market policy for CFA Institute, and Monica Gentile, economist at the Economic Research Division of CONSOB. Rhodri and Monica will help us in understanding the recent evolution of equity market structure and what impact it is having for investors. Their presentation will explore the topics of market fragmentation, the growth of dark pools and the role of transparency, and recent technological developments, such as High Frequency Trading. Finally, they will explain us some of the regulations that have been proposed, under the process of MiFID review, to address these issues.
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  Trends in Healthcare
Milan, 25 October - Hotel de la Ville - 6:15 pm

The global healthcare sector stands to benefit from three significant growth factors: demographics, science & technology and ongoing expansion in the emerging economies. The long term performance of the sector has been strong and the three key long-term drivers of that growth are set to expand further.
In this presentation Jérome Pfund, CFA, Co-founder and CEO at Sectoral AM, will explore in further detail the key macro factors affecting the global healthcare sector and discuss the outlook for various sub-industries within healthcare.
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  CFA Candidate Information Briefing
Milan, 3 October - Banca IMI - 6:30 pm

Italian CFA Society is pleased to provide an overview of the CFA Program® to prospect CFA candidates. Luca Pellini, CFA, Board Member and Education Chair, will give information on CFA Charter values and principles, CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge, CFA Program curriculum, and much more.
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  Dan S. Meader, CFA, to Chair CFA Institute Board of Governors Read

Speakers in the News

Stephen Cecchetti on High Debt in European Countries

Andrew Balls on Building Global Bond Portfolios in an Evolving World

Simon Johnson on "Too Big to Fail" Financial Institutions

Eurex Euro-BTP Futures: trading activity and hedging strategies in turbulent times
Milan, 20 September
Terrazza Martini - 6pm

The European sovereign debt crisis has been a key market driver during the last months. Eurex Exchange is pleased to invite you to an event dedicated to informing you about recent trading activities in Eurex’ Euro-BTP Futures during these difficult times. Besides, we will provide you with an outlook on the new Mid-Term Euro-BTP Futures. The new contracts, launched on September 19, complement our existing offering in short- and long-term futures on Italian government bonds to give you the opportunity to trade along the complete Italian yield curve at Eurex Exchange.
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