Events & News - 13 April 2010
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  L’Intelligenza Emotiva: Questa Sconosciuta
La Nuova Frontiera dell’Efficacia Personale e Manageriale
Milano, 29 Aprile - Ore 18:15 - Centrobanca

Il ruolo che le emozioni giocano nell’ambito della efficacia manageriale e personale è spesso sottovalutato. La nostra formazione è particolarmente orientata all'acquisizione di competenze “tecniche”, necessarie ma non sufficienti. Esiste un insieme di competenze trasversali che completa il profilo del professionista di successo e l’Intelligenza Emotiva, quasi un ossimoro per molti, è una di queste: per fortuna la scienza ci dimostra che è migliorabile!
Davide Antonio Carabella, Professional Counselor ed Executive Trainer, ci guiderà in questa serata dedicata alla scoperta dell’Intelligenza Emotiva.
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Sovereign Debt: The Risks Are Not Necessarily Where You Think
Milan, 11 May - 12:00 am - Hotel de la Ville

ICFAS is pleased to welcome Stéphane Monier, CFA, Global Head of Fixed Income & Currencies at Lombard Odier. The issue of rising public debt and sovereign risk is dominating the headlines in developed countries. With the Baby Boomer generation now beginning to retire, fiscal balances and public debt levels in developed countries will be challenged even further.
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In collaboration with


Students and CFA Candidates

CFA Exam Focus - Level 1, 2, 3

Milan - Credit Suisse

Luca Pellini, CFA and Education Chair of Italian CFA Society, will be available to CFA Candidates for specific focus meetings dedicated to each level of CFA Exam on the following dates:

28 April – Level 1 Exam FocusClick here to register
3 May – Level 2 Exam FocusClick here to register
5 May - Level 3 Exam FocusClick here to register

CFA Candidates will also have the opportunity to interact with other candidates and join a Study Group.

CFA Exam June 2010 - Test Your Preparation

Italian CFA Society, in collaboration with Kaplan Schweser, offers a Mock Exam Live Session to all CFA Candidates who can have the opportunity to test their preparation for the forthcoming exam in a real exam setting. This proctored 6-hour classroom exam will take place on 22 May at Università Bocconi. For complete program, costs/discounts and registration click here

Another opportunity to test your preparation is to purchase the Practice Exams offered by the Boston Security Analysts Society, which Italian CFA Society will deliver at your preferred address. For further information, costs/discounts and purchase form click here

Politecnico Wins 2nd Place
at EMEA Investment Research Challenge

The team from Corso di Laurea in Ingegneria Gestionale at Politecnico di Milano, winner of the 2nd Italian Investment Research Challenge, did very well with a 2° place in EMEA finals in Istanbul, the second stage in the CFA Institute Global Investment Research Challenge.
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ICFAS Best Dissertation Prize

Italian CFA Society is sponsoring a competition for the best dissertations on the following topics: Corporate Finance, Economics of Security Exchanges, Portfolio Theory, Monetary Economics. The faculty advisor of each winning student will receive a scholarship that he/she will choose to assign to one student of his/her faculty for registration to CFA Level 1 Exam. Deadline is 30 May. For more information click here

  Analyst – Mezzanine Fund Investment Team


Mezzanine independent fund active on European markets is looking for an Analyst who will join the team for the forthcoming launch of its second Mezzanine fund. The candidate’s responsibilities will include the screening and evaluation of new investment opportunities and the development of marketing and contract documentation for fundraising activities.
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  IR & Economic recession: how valuation metrics and methodologies are changing
Milan, 22 April – 4 pm
c/o Edison SpA
AIR in collaboration with ICFAS

The event aims to offer Investor Relators a key to a more profitable interaction with analysts, fund managers as well as financial stakeholders and to a better management of institutional communication in times of economic recession. Growing attention to debt, financial leverage and historical multiples are some of the examples of how financial stakeholders’ focus can evolve. For further information and registration please click here

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