Events & News - 21 February 2017
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  BRRD and Bail-in - Implications for Financial Sector Analysts and Investor Protection
Milan, 23 February - Hotel de la Ville - 5:30 pm

The event arises from the topics of the Position Paper BRRD and Bail-In - Implications for Financial Sector Analysts and Investor Protection that CFASI has written in collaboration with AIAF to analyse the consequences of the BRRD, and hence the Bail-in, introduction in Italy, one year later.
The event would be the opportunity for an open discussion between the Volunteers who have written the Paper and CFA Society Italy Members, whose opinions and suggestions will be appreciated.
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Convention - La BRRD tra recepimento, applicazione e spunti di miglioramento
Milan, 6 March - Palazzo Besana - 2:30 pm

During the convention AIAF and CFA Society Italy will present the Position Paper BRRD and Bail-in: Implications for the Analysis of the Financial Sector and Investor Protection. The work, as well as outlining the new regulatory environment and Institutional Banking to counter the crisis, highlights the new dynamics of funding for Intermediaries and stresses the need for greater transparency for investors, in particular retail ones, with concrete information proposals. The convention will bring different points of view - Banks, Authorities, the Academic world, the community of analysts - on the current situation and the future evolution for the banking system.
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  Responsible Investing and the Economy of Recycling: is the World Moving Towards a More Sustainable Future?
Torino, 8 March - Centro Congressi Unione Industriale Torino - 4 pm

The new generations - the so-called Millennials - and women are growing in the financial sector. These two groups of professionals show, generally, a greener behaviour and are looking for investments which include ESG (Environment, social and governance) criteria in their portfolios. This workshop will focus on the key words of sustainable finance, on Global trends and new investment strategies such as impact investing and active participation in corporate governance. Evaluation methods on sustainability of mutual funds, with particular attention on Morningstar Sustainability Rating, will also be presented.
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  Effective Communication
Improving Communication Skills
in Business Relationships
Milan, 14 March - UBI Banca - 6:15 pm

Prof. Alberto Castelvecchi, Luiss University, Rome, coach for Effective Communication and Personal image, will help us to deep dive into our communication style, applying his innovative methodology for reaching full comfort in every public occasion.
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  2017 CFA Italian Research Challenge
Milan, 27 March - PwC - 5:30 pm

CFA Society Italy offers students the unique opportunity to learn from leading industry experts and compete with peers from the world’s top business schools. This annual educational initiative is designed to promote best practices in equity research among the next generation of analysts through hands-on mentoring and intensive training in company analysis and presentation skills. This year 38 students and 11 faculty advisors of 8 Italian universities will take part in the CFA Italian Research Challenge. The public company being analysed is Recordati. The teams will have to complete their report on Recordati by 28 February. The competition culminates in a presentation and defense of that research to a panel of investment industry experts on 27 March. For further information and registration click here

CFA Society Italy (CFASI) has launched the sixth edition of the Fund Management Challenge, the equity fund management competition that fosters and recognizes financial excellence among university students. The Challenge is organized with the support of our partners: CFA Institute, FactSet, UBS ETF, Hammer Partners, Aequitax, and Kaplan-Schweser; and in collaboration with Borsa Italiana, Plus24, and Elite Connect. Further information is available on the FMC website

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