Events & News - 30 April 2013
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  Know Yourself... Then What?
A Strategy for Staying True to Our Key Qualities
whilst Managing Our Personal Pitfalls
Milan, 14 May - Randstad - 6:15 pm

Knowing how we are perceived and gaining trust is essential.
This workshop is designed to give us insight into our key qualities. Secondly it will guide us through a methodology for recognising our personal potential pitfalls and the things we are “allergic” to in others. Finally it will offer a strategy for identifying the challenges key to avoiding our pitfalls whilst still staying true to our core qualities.
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  Rethinking European Markets,
Capturing Opportunities
Milan, 21 May - 12:30 pm - Location to be confirmed

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  Views for the Second Half of the Year
Lugano, 22 May - Palazzo Sant'Anna - 6 pm

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  Near Term Prospects for the Global Economy and Asset Allocation: Trends in a Low Yield Environment
Rome, 30 May - Bloomberg - 5 pm

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  CFA Society Italy at IT Forum
Rimini, 23-24 May

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Politecnico di Milano Reaches CFA Research Challenge EMEA Regional Finals


On the 11 April in London the Italian champions won their semifinal and ranked among the top five teams in the EMEA Region. This is an outstanding result. Thanks to all the volunteers that contributed to the Italian CFA Research Challenge. The work of everyone showed up once again at international level.

The Italian CFA Research Challenge was sponsored by

  Statement of Investors Rights

CFA Institute has unveiled the Statement of Investor Rights, a list of principles intended to help buyers of financial service products demand the conduct they are entitled to expect from financial service providers. Demanding that financial professionals abide by these rights helps investors build trust in those they engage with, to collectively restore trust, respect, and integrity in finance. The Statement was issued on 18 March 2013. For further information click here. For the Italian version click here

  Documentation for Members

The presentation From Long Term to Dynamic Asset Allocation, Why and How held by Eric Bissonnier at Il Salone del Risparmio is available for members on the reserved area of our website Click here after login.

  CFA Candidate Information Briefing
Milan, 6 May - Banca IMI - 6:30 pm

CFA Society Italy is pleased to provide an overview of the CFA Program® to prospect CFA candidates. Luca Pellini, CFA, Board Member and Education Chair, will give information on CFA Charter values and principles, CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge, CFA Program curriculum, and much more.
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CFA Exam Focus Level 2 and 3

Milan - Credit Suisse - 6:30 pm

Giulio Battisti, CFA and Carlo de Berdardi, CFA will be available for two specific focus meetings dedicated to Level 2 and Level 3 Candidates respectively. Candidates will also have the opportunity to interact and join a Study Group.
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Mock Exam Live Experience
Milan, 18 May - Università Bocconi - 8:30 am

CFA Society Italy, in collaboration with Kaplan Schweser, offers a Mock Exam Live Session to all CFA Candidates who can have the opportunity to test their preparation for the forthcoming exam in a real exam setting. Deadline for registration in 7 May. CFA Society Italy members have free access.
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BSAS Practice Exam On Sale Now

Test your preparation with the Practice Exams offered by the Boston Security Analysts Society, which CFA Society Italy will deliver at your preferred address. Deadline for purchase order: 13 May.
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2014 CFA Exams Access Scholarships
Apply Now!

CFA Society Italy is offering Access Scholarships for the June and December 2014 CFA Exam to candidates of all exam levels. The deadline for applications is 15 September 2013.
Scholarship awards will be based on need, junior membership to CFASI, and merit.
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