Events & News - 4 April 2013
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  Convertible Bonds: Bonds or Equities?
The Best of Both Worlds
Milan, 11 April - Centro Svizzero - Via Palestro, 2 - 11:00 am

Convertible bonds are fixed-income instruments, but, prior to maturity, the investor may exchange them for a predetermined number of shares. Basically, when the stock markets perform well, the convertible bonds behave like equities; when the stock markets perform badly, the convertible bond will behave like a straight bond.
Alain Eckmann, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager at UBS Global Asset Management will explain why convertible bonds can be an attractive asset class, with outstanding risk return properties and an asymmetric payoff that can fit most investors’ preferences very well.
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  From Long Term to Dynamic Asset Allocation,
Why and How
Milan, 17 April - 11 am
Università Bocconi - Via Roentgen, 1 - Sala 5

CFA Society Italy will host an educational event during the first day. Mr. Bissonnier, Chief Strategist and Chairman of the Global Investment Committee at EIM, Geneva, will share his views and opinions on asset allocation processes as a practitioner, grounded in present issues faced by decision makers at all levels. For further information and registration click here

  Know Yourself... Then What?
A Strategy for Staying True to Our Key Qualities
whilst Managing Our Personal Pitfalls
Milan, 14 May - Randstad - 6:15 pm

Knowing how we are perceived and gaining trust is essential.
This workshop is designed to give us insight into our key qualities. Secondly it will guide us through a methodology for recognising our personal potential pitfalls and the things we are “allergic” to in others. Finally it will offer a strategy for identifying the challenges key to avoiding our pitfalls whilst still staying true to our core qualities.
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  CFA Candidate Information Briefing
Milan, 16 April - Cnp Vita - 5:00 pm

CFA Society Italy is pleased to provide an overview of the CFA Program® to prospect CFA candidates. Luca Pellini, CFA, Board Member and Education Chair, will give information on CFA Charter values and principles, CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge, CFA Program curriculum, and much more.
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Mock Exam Live Experience
Milan, 18 May - Location to be confirmed - 8:30 am

CFA Society Italy, in collaboration with Kaplan Schweser, offers a Mock Exam Live Session to all CFA Candidates who can have the opportunity to test their preparation for the forthcoming exam in a real exam setting. Deadline for registration in 7 May. CFA Society Italy members have free access.
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BSAS Practice Exam On Sale Now

Test your preparation with the Practice Exams offered by the Boston Security Analysts Society, which CFA Society Italy will deliver at your preferred address. Deadline for purchase order: 13 May.
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  Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management Bootcamp

by Attilio Meucci

New York, 12-17 August

Quantitative buy-side modeling from the foundations to the latest advanced statistical and optimization techniques, in nine intense hours per day, with theory, live simulations, review sessions. The program qualifies for 40 CE Credits under the guidelines of the CFA Institute Continuing Education Program.
Discount available for CFA Society Italy members (Partner fee).
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  2014 CFA Exams Access Scholarships
Apply Now!

CFA Society Italy (CFASI) is offering Access Scholarships for the June and December 2014 CFA Exam to candidates of all exam levels. The deadline for applications is 15 September 2013.
Scholarship awards will be based on need, junior membership to CFASI, and merit.
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