Global Market Sentiment Survey

Global Market Sentiment Survey 2015

Investment professionals worldwide expect the global economy to grow an average of just 2 percent in 2015, according to the CFA Institute 2015 Global Market Sentiment Survey. Survey respondents — who include portfolio managers, research analysts, and C-suite executives — cite political risks, including secessionist and nationalistic movements, as the most underestimated risk that could negatively affect markets in the next five years.
Survey respondents expect only modest gains in equity market indices, with the S&P 500 predicted to climb 4.8 percent, the EuroStoxx 50 to increase 1.9 percent, and a 1.6 percent rise for the Nikkei 225. Members also expressed concern about ethical issues, including market fraud and the need for improved regulation and oversight of global systemic risk to improve investor trust and market integrity.
The annual CFA Institute survey measured the opinion of 5,259 CFA® charterholders and members, representing the views of professional investors around the world.
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Global Market Sentiment Survey 2014

Providing insight to investors worldwide, the annual Global Market Sentiment Survey (GMSS) reflects the views and expectations of CFA Institute members—respected experts in the industry—on financial markets, integrity, ethics, and performance for the coming year. The 2014 findings, drawn from more than 6,500 surveyed members in over 110 countries, are used by financial professionals and media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg to gauge opinion on the future of the financial industry.
Investment professionals worldwide report greater optimism over economic prospects for the coming year, but do not express confidence that the integrity of capital markets is improving. 63% percent of CFA Institute survey respondents think that the global economy will expand in 2014, representing a significant shift in opinion over the previous two years, however 54% point to a lack of ethical culture within financial firms as the factor that has contributed the most to the current lack of industry trust.
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Full Survey Report
Full Survey Results

About the Survey

The CFA Institute Global Market Sentiment Survey was created to seek input from CFA Institute members and gather feedback on market sentiment, performance, and market integrity issues and to further our mission of promoting ethical and trustworthy investment markets.

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