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The global financial industry can be an extraordinary force for good.
The Future of Finance project is a long-term global effort to shape a trustworthy, forward-thinking financial industry that better serves society. The project aims to provide the tools to motivate and empower the world of finance to commit to fairness, improved understanding, and personal integrity.

Statement of Investor Rights

As a first step, the Future of Finance project has unveiled the Statement of Investor Rights, a list of principles intended to help buyers of financial service products demand the conduct they are entitled to expect from financial service providers.

Martino Panighel, CFA guest on Radio 24 at Cuore e Denari, 22 December. Go to the second part of the program to listen the interview on Statement of Investor Rights.

Podcast MP3 (26,217 Kb)

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Future of Finance Project

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Thinking about the Future of Finance

Robert Shiller on financial innovation

Essentials of a More Secure Retirement

CFA Institute is a globally recognized source for unbiased financial knowledge, and we pride ourselves on putting investors’ needs first. We have created the “Essentials of a More Secure Retirement” to highlight key principles and practices that will help you successfully reach your retirement goals. Using the tools, planning insights, and suggestions in the document will help you to Get Started, to Keep It Going, to Invest Wisely, and to eventually Retire Well.

You can read the web version here or download the Italian version here and the English version here.

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