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CFA Society Italy in partnership with BeInValYou presents ImproveYOU, the new Online Assessment Test developed for CFA members.

BeInValYou is one of the Business Units of the Aegis group, and it is specialized in identifying, selecting and enhancing human capital.

Integrated Assessment Methodology

ImproveYOU has been developed to test the main individual Soft Skills, in order to make users more aware of them as well as to support their improvement.

The Test is based on well-structured questionnaires analysing several skills such as team work, stress management, leadership and partners management. Along with the test, each user will be provided with a personal feedback by a consultant, aimed at defining the output and identifying an improvement path.

ImproveYOU is beneficial both to participants, who will be able to boast an objective and professional analysis of their Soft Skills which can be part of their CVs, and to organizations, which will manage to gain a reliable external feedback as a useful tool to get a wider view on their employees’ skills.

Tailored for Finance Industry Professionals

The integrated assessment metodology (Market View & Soft Skills) matches Aegis Group's vertical expertise on the finance industry with the traditional soft skills assessment.

Exclusive benefit for CFA Society Italy members

If you are an active member of CFA Society Italy you are entitled to a discount on the full price of the test.
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BeInValYou Brochure
Jacopo Pasetti Presentation held on 10 March 2016

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